Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cookies from the past couple of months

Sorry for the mass posting of pictures to follow, but I figured I would "catch myself up" on the blog so that future cookies/crafts will be current.

*I warn you, I am still working on making my photos look pretty.  Sometimes I remember to take pics before wrapping them, sometimes not.  Sometimes I set a stage, sometimes it is a quick click as I am sending them out!

Between now and the next round of cookies, I promise I will learn a little more about photography (cough, Erin, cough). 

Now lets talk about Birthdays:

Evan's 7th Golf Themed Birthday with Golf/Soccer balls for school favors

*Note to self, black icing=black teeth, sorry Moms!

Jack's 4th M&M Birthday

*My favorite is the sassy green M&M with her boots!  All the large cookies were for the friends/family party and the mini's were for Jack's class.

Basketballs/Crosses (combo explained below)

My nephew Chris had his 12th birthday and his brother Andrew made his confirmation, so when they had a combo celebration we had basketballs and crosses. 

Jenn's new little bundle arrived, so of course she needed baby themed cookies!

Get Well Soon/Teacher Appreciation Week

My mother in law had surgery, so I thought apples were very appropriate...as well as some sweets to heal!

Each of my 4 year old son's teachers got a little box of goodies for Teacher Appreciation Week.  They are awesome teachers and we will miss them!

Cinco de Mayo/Graduation Cookies

My niece graduated from college, so we celebrated in the best way we know how!  Margaritas!!! I even rimmed the glasses with some chunky sugar to resemble salt.  Ole!

This is what my kitchen table has been looking like the past few weeks/months.  Well, this is the nice picture after I have cleaned up all the flour, sugar, icing, etc! 

p.s. the awesome basketball plaques were for my nephew Andrew's birthday.  Each plaque has his basketball team logo, and all the players/coaches names on them.  Of course, this is the only picture I have of them completed!!!

Enjoy the eye candy!!!


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  2. The cookies look like you've been doing this for years!

  3. Ahh, thanks Anna! Oh, and you are my first comment!! How exciting.